Get an insight into the metal work process with our ‘Latest From the Workshop’ blog. This Includes images, videos and descriptions from our commissions and in the pipeline products. Feel free to browse through the archives, if you see something you like or have your own ideas be sure to contact William who can help you bring them to life.

  • Using Your Fire Pit Safely

    Using Your Fire Pit Safely

    As March approaches so does the drier weather (we hope!) and longer nights. During this time a fire pit can elevate a garden party and bring people together whilst helping take the edge off chilly evenings. Fire pits have gained

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  • Ammonite Sculpture

    Ammonite Sculpture

    Our latest creation was a commission to make a special surprise 60th birthday present in the form of an Ammonite sculpture, let us tell you the story. Firstly, What Is An Ammonite? They were ocean living shelled cephalopods, that were

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  • From Small Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks

    From Small Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks

    Last year in 2022 William had the idea to create an acorn out of recycled horseshoes. From its humble beginning it grew in popularity. It was a huge hit with followers and found a permanent home at The Acorn Shepherd’s

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