This unique sculpture measures 1.85 by 1.20 metres and has been crafted using a double layer of horseshoes to create a more solid appearance. As with all creations the horseshoes are recycled, sourced from local horse farriers in Essex & Suffolk.

The biggest twist to this sculpture is the acorns stalk. It is a real oak branch that fell from a tree last year during the couple of severe storms we had. It most certainly adds another dimension and brings the whole sculpture to life.

Metal Artist William Moulton-Day quotes:

“I had a thought about 2 months ago that I wanted to create an oversize acorn, so couple of weeks ago I started it. I’m very happy with the final results, it’s so satisfying to see a vision come to life after many hours of hard work”

The Acorn now has a new owner and will based at a holiday lodging that is aptly named ‘The Acorns’. To see more images of the acorn feel free to browse our gallery.

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The Acorn
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