Some of you may remember the pear of pears, this latest creation is an even bigger apple of apples! In this post we will take you through the steps that were used to create this magnificent artistic sculpture.

So, to create an apple of apples you first need apples, to be precise 660 laser cut steel apples in two styles – whole apples and apple cores.

laser cut steel apples on work bench

These are then welded together using a jig as guide to create the three-dimensional curves of the apple shape. They create the desired checkerboard effect which gives this sculpture its depth and dimension. It also allows light to penetrate through the openings when lit up at night.

No apple is complete without stalk and leaf. Cut from sheet steel the leaf is hammered by hand to give it its shape, with weld lines added to give the impression of the leaf’s veins. The leaf is accompanied by 3mm round bar steel to create the stalk.

metal leaf sculpture close up of detail

The client wanted the apple fully galvanized to prevent rusting and keep that polished silver colouring.

Galvanising is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to the steel in order to preserve it from the elements, preventing rusting and corrosion. This is achieved first by a thorough clean ensuring the surface is free from dirt, grease and scale. Then a method called ‘hot dip galvanizing’ is used where the sculpture is fully submerged into a big bath of molton zinc that’s around a temperature of 450 °C (842 °F). The zinc chemically reacts with the steel and then forms a protective rust free coating. Post galvanizing the sculpture is cooled by being submerged in water, this is called quenching which leaves a nice even result.

Below are comparison photos of before and after the galvanizing process.

In addition to the final sculpture the client wanted to add a fallen leaf beside the apple sculpture. This was once again cut from sheet steel with weld applied to give the leaf its veins. It was decided not to galvanize the leave and to let it naturally rust over. This will then give the impression of an older dried leaf that has fallen from the apple.

As an added bonus the fallen leave doubles up as a bird bath/wildlife drinker. Its unique shape allows it to hold a small amount of water, perfect for birds and wildlife to drink and bathe in. The welded leaf veins also create gripping points ensuring creatures can use it safely.

Leaf bird bath on grass

The finished sculpture measures 1.1 metres wide x 1.4m high, we are sure you will agree this is a large standout piece. It is now situated in its new home for family, friends and visitors to enjoy.

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Would you like your own apple of apples? Or have your own sculpture ideas? Contact William for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.  

Apple of Apples
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