Garden Oak Leaf Decoration


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Handmade in the form of a fallen oak leaf these rustic decorative items can double up as a bird bath/drinker. Its unique shape allows it to hold a small amount of water, perfect for birds and wildlife to drink and bathe in. The welded leaf veins create gripping points ensuring creatures can use it safely.

Created from sheet steel, round bar and weld this item will naturally rust giving that gorgeous deep burnt orange colour. Although for many years wild birds have naturally drunk from rusty cattle troughs, if you would prefer to prevent rusty water we recommended applying ‘Ferprime Rust Converter’

It is important to regularly clean your bird bath to ensure fresh water is available. As well as its practical values to wildlife, this piece is an eye-catching decoration in any garden or patio.

Approx dimensions are width 37cm and length 82cm (may vary slightly due to the hand shaping of these products)

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Garden Oak Leaf Decoration